About our company (mission and vision)

That’s right… We’re a start up company. New in this skin, but certainly not new to the call center scene. Our founding management team has a combined year of 1,00,000 years of contact centre industry expertise. (Honestly its more like 100 years but who’s counting?)

Our distributed team of marketers, designers, engineers and business operators span from Islamabad to Bangkok to New York City. Our mission is simple, to make you money, safely. We want buyers to come to our marketplace and find the perfect vendor. We want service providers to come to our platform and find the perfect client. We want both buyers and sellers (companies posting and service providers competing) to do fair and honest business and grow their respective enterprises in a healthy, profitable way.

Our mission is to empower and connect companies everywhere. Whether you’re a 10 seater call center in Mumbai or an insurance broker in Alabama, or perhaps a digital marketing agency generating inbound calls in Warsaw for the US lending market, our vision is global because the industry is global.

The world is a stage and Callbit is the future ecosystem for all things call centre outsourcing. We’re innovating. modernising and designing the future of contact center outsourcing for the modern internet.