Trust and safety

Callbit allows payments on it’s platform for buyers and sellers to overcome trust and safety issues. Here’s how our escrow payment service works. Companies who post a campaign and interact with a cell centre can agree on all things relevant to the campaign such as price and terms. Once the agreement is set forth Buyer will prepay into the Callbit escrow. Funds are only released once services are rendered by the seller, proof checked by Callbit’s trust and safety team, and approved a final time by the buyer.

We don’t expect this model to continue indefinitely for the life of the campaign, nor do we feel it should. However, Callbit can act as a reliable intermediary to ensure all terms are met and business is conducted with integrity and compliance.

A signed agreement can be stored on our platform in the event a dispute arises in the future. Therefore, we always suggest users keep all communication on Callbit’s messaging platform. This allows us to expedite any buyer/seller dispute.